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32123 Lindero Canyon Rd Suite 304
Westlake Village, CA 91362


$120 1 hour massage and treatment
$150 90 minute massage and treatment

The Landing Spa 805 is:

Quality & Comfort

Our approach is a restorative massage focused on soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue, pain management, injury rehabilitation and extreme relaxation.

About The Landing Spa 805

The 805 Luxury Experience

Located in the heart of Westlake Village’s Lake, The Landing Spa 805 is a perfect escape to your relaxation. Whether you are going to The Landing for food, taking a boat ride or finishing off your meal, treat yourself or a loved one to a massage.
We also provide gift certificates so, come in and experience the luxury life at The Landing Spa 805 to complete your day.

32123 Lindero Canyon Rd Suite 304
Westlake Village, CA 91362

The Landing Spa 805

Meet The Expert

Kat Kavanagh

Over 15 years in the healing arts. An
experienced massage therapist addressing
the mind, body and spirit for complete balance.
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Deep Tissue

We dig into the areas that need deep tissue work and help restore movement.


Sports injuries, surgeries, car accidents or just feeling beat up? Restore mobility and comfort, relax your mind and elevate your spirit!

Pain Management

I will find the areas of tension and figure out referral patterns. then we can get actual results, restored alignment and RELIEF!a

Soft Tissue

We help mobilize problem spots and get you back on track.

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